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S-TECH Co., Ltd. is a professional Ingot Grower Manufacturer located in South Korea.

MKC - Semiconductor Grower Project Completion Ceremony

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작성자 최고관리자 (112.♡.83.190) 작성일 20-09-14 13:11



From the beginning of the MKC - semiconductor grower project on 2017.08.01, the project has finally come to an end, by S-TECH Co., Ltd. releasing the last equipment on 2020.08.17 through the concerns and efforts of all employees. We have held a ceremony to commemorate the hard work of all employees who have produced equipment that delivered trust, safety, and quality to our customers in difficult times as COVID-19 struck the world. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of MKC’s employee who believed in S-TECH Co., Ltd. to the end and who have been with us always. As S-TECH Co. Ltd. have always took crisis as a positive opportunity, we will do our best to deliver equipment that can lead our customers in the semiconductor market.

It’s now or never

Lets go S-TECH!

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